The Womens Tee

Enjoy our rude and unpleasant staff at Twin Pines.

The Cast Away

Even after years with no human contact, this castaway seems to have kept his priorities in line.

Wife & Girlfriend

Golf buddies always share at Twin Pines.

Good Lie

Sometimes honesty is truly the best policy.

Drag Charlie

At Twin Pines we encourage you to never quit, and always finish your round.

The Perfect Shot

Competition breeds greatness at Twin Pines.

25 Tosses

Please be at least 15 minutes early for your tee time at Twin Pines.

Liar & Cheater

Only the best Sportsmanship is acceptable at Twin Pines.

Rain or Shine

A public service announcement to never deviate from your routine.

Before It Starts

A golfer gets sufficiently inebriated before his usual evening at home.

The Clubhouse Winner

World class caddy service at Twin Pines!

Bunker in the Sky

Respect advice from your elders, it's up to you if you take it.

Pro Tips

Perfect solution for a dirty club head.

Twin Pines Country Club

Jake gets an unexpected gift from Summer.

6 Iron

Be careful when giving advice on the golf course.


Sometimes it doesn't matter when you yell fore.

Seen My Ball?

When someone hits up on your group...


If you're wondering if sex gets better with age...

The Murder

Good to get a little help on the scorecard from time to time.